At The Pinball House, we take great care in packaging and shipping our products to our customers. Below are the steps we take in making sure the product gets to you in a professional manner.

New Machines

New pinball machines shall be shipped in their original manufactured box and secured to a pallet for shipment.

Used Machines

Used Pinball machines are placed on pallets and then professionally wrapped in cardboard to protect the cabinets of the machines from damage. The machine is then banded to the pallet to secure it from movement while in route.

In regards to Pinball Machines, the balls are taken out of the machine to prevent any damage the balls could cause while loose in the machines. All balls, keys power cords, leg bolts and manuals are placed in the coin box and zip tied inside the machine. The machine is now ready to be packaged for shipment.

Shipping Quotes

Shipping quotes vary from one carrier to another and range in price from local dock deliver to shipping to your door. For a quote, please provide us with which method of shipping you prefer, to a local dock nearest to you or door to door service and then provide us with your address and zip code and we will be happy to quote you the best possible shipping cost.

Returns & Cancelations

We make arrangements to prepare items for shipment as soon as they are ordered. Therefore, orders must be cancelled in writing via email to within 24 hours of purchase to receive a full refund. Cancellations and returns authorized by The Pinball House,  will be subject to up to 25% restocking fees and the cost of shipping and return shipping. Refusal to take delivery of products will result in a refund of 50% of the purchase price, minus applicable shipping and storage costs.